Most frequent questions and answers

Be very careful not breaking the prints by bending them too much. Before applying the prints on the cocktail foam make sure that it’s placed in the center of the cocktail. Also, don’t pour the cocktail all the way up to the edge of the glass but slightly underneath the edge – the finale result will look a lot better!

NO – only use the prints on a clear foam surface

Always serve Graffiti Cocktails with a straw on the side. The straw simply goes under the print along the side of the cocktail.

No. Our prints are designed to egg white (or aquafaba) cocktails only

Please make sure that when measuring the diameter of your glass type to ensure that the print doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the coupe glass. Click here and see how you measure correctly

We always guarantee that your order is produced and shipped from us within 48 hours.

The prints will stay on and look awesome for minimum 25 minutes until the edge of the print starts to become more visible.

The print will never disappear but slowly start to look not as good after about one hour.


YES, everything is edible – but we don’t recommend it, as the consistency will be a bit blurry.

The prints will last at least 1 year if kept correctly in room temperature and in an air tight container.