About us

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How it all started?

In October 2018, Graffiti Cocktails was born in a small cocktail bar in Aalborg, Denmark.

Images and logos had been seen in cocktail foam before but we decided to take it to a level never seen before. We have refined and perfected the method during the past years and are now able to produce a yet unseen quality of our graffiti prints.

Our cocktails have been served to celebrities, royalties and some of the finest brands all over the world, and we’ve only just begun our journey. Are you ready to add some WOW factor to your cocktails?

What we do today?

We produce our graffiti prints for cocktail bars, restaurants and night clubs all over the world. We make it easy for everyone to step up their cocktail game and put Graffiti Cocktails on their cocktail menus.

We make our own designs from scratch, but more importantly we also make YOUR designs for YOUR customers. WOW factor guaranteed!